Interview: Mother Mary Joseph, Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King

A brief introduction outlining the response that the SSPX is taking with the Coronavirus, and what the priests are working on to assist the faithful who may not be able to make it to Mass

Then our interview with Mother Mary Joseph – the Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King are located in Kansas City, MO, and have as their apostolate the education of children. We spoke with Mother about their history, their founder, their mission, and then we asked her about her own experience as the superior of this convent.


Interview: Fr. Patrick Rutledge & The New Immaculata Project

This week, we spoke with Fr. Rutledge about the history of the Immaculata in St. Marys, which was destroyed by fire shortly after the SSPX acquired the property. Archbishop Lefebvre himself asked for it to be rebuilt, and some 40 years later, his vision seems to be coming to fruition!

We’ll discuss the history, the design, the challenges from a budgetary and organizational concern, and the timeline of this massive project.

“The Immaculata is the future home of the Catholic faithful of the Society of St. Pius in St. Mary’s, KS. After over 40 years since the original Immaculata burned down, this magnificent Romanesque church will stand as a symbol of the Faith, for Our Lady, and for the greater glory of God.”

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Interview: How to Practice Lent, History of Ash Wednesday

In this episode, we’ll speak with Fr. Robinson about the origins of Lent, the etymology of the word, as well as what Holy Mother Church expects of us during this season. We’ll look backwards a bit at the period of Septuagesima (why is there another mini-Lent?) and the historical significance of Shrove Tuesday. Finally, we’ll talk about the traditions and practices of Ash Wednesday itself.

Interview: Fr. Patrick Summers & District of Asia – Part 2

In our second part of our interview with Fr. Summers, we speak about the difficulties faced by the faithful and the priests in certain countries. We’ll also discuss the apostolate of the SSPX in Japan, and Father gives us a summary of the early Catholic missions in Asia, focusing on the book “China’s Saints“.

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Interview: Fr. Patrick Summers & District of Asia – Part 1

We spoke with Fr. Patrick Summers about the new work, encouraging signs of the SSPX in Asia. Fr. Summers is the District Superior of Asia, a district which encompasses one half of the world’s population.

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Interview: Fr. Jurgen Wegner, Mr. James Vogel – Conference Recap

Following Conference weekend, we review the topics, speakers, feedback, and plans for next year with the US District Superior for the SSPX, Fr. Jürgen Wegner, and the Communications Director for the US District, Mr. James Vogel.

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Interview: Mr. James Vogel – 50th Anniversary of SSPX, Angelus Press Conference

Our second interview with the Communications Director of the US District of the SSPX, and the Editor of Angelus Press, Mr. James Vogel. It comes as the SSPX is preparing for its 50th Anniversary – we discuss the original mission of Archbishop Lefebvre, and how he would view the work the Society is doing today. We also asked Mr. Vogel what it is he wished every person knew about the SSPX and its work. Also, we’ll discuss the Angelus Press Conference, the 2020 Liturgical Calendar, and some of his favorite works that are not published by Angelus Press.

Show notes:

SSPX 50th Anniversary

Websites of the SSPX in English
US District:
English News:

Archbishop Lefebvre’s view on the priesthood

Conference for Catholic Tradition

The Angelus Magazine

Angelus Press 2020 Liturgical Calendar

When Bishops Meet, by John W. O’Malley 

The Golden Legend: Readings on the Saints, by Jacobus de Voraigne

Interview: Fr. Patrick Summers – The SSPX in Asia

Father Summers is the District Superior of a massive District for the Society of St. Pius X – Asia. We discuss his work as well as the practical and philosophical differences in ministering to the various countries in Asia.
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Interview: Dr. John Rao – Part 2

A desire & a reason to hope for the future of our culture & Faith