Questions with Father

Questions with Fr. #27: Was it Wrong for SSPX to Follow Authorities’ Mandates During Coronavirus?

In this episode, Father tackles several related questions regarding the recent events surrounding Covid-19.

Questions with Fr. #26: Who are the SSPX Brothers, is Yoga OK, and Questions on Baptism

In this episode, Father discusses the special duties and responsibilities of the SSPX Brothers. Next, he’ll discuss the cautious nature the Catholic Church has towards the practice of Yoga, and why “just doing the exercises” doesn’t really count. Finally, a questioner asked whether it’s ok for a child to be baptized who is born to divorced & remarried parents – it’s not the child’s fault, is it?

Questions with Fr. #25: Ancestral Sin, When to Make a General Confession, Rosary Recordings

In this episode, Father tackles a question that has been gaining a bit of traction in Traditional circles about binding prayers, and the concept of ancestral sin. Is it accurate that sin can be “loosed” from a family tree by certain prayers?
Also, we’ll discuss the concept of praying along with a recording of the rosary, and find out more about a general confession – when it should be made, and when it shouldn’t be made!

Interview: How to Practice Lent, History of Ash Wednesday

In this episode, we’ll speak with Fr. Robinson about the origins of Lent, the etymology of the word, as well as what Holy Mother Church expects of us during this season. We’ll look backwards a bit at the period of Septuagesima (why is there another mini-Lent?) and the historical significance of Shrove Tuesday. Finally, we’ll talk about the traditions and practices of Ash Wednesday itself.

Questions with Fr. #24: Advent – Its Origins & Methods of Preparing for Families

As we enter the Advent season, listeners submitted questions about Advent, ranging from its history and origins, to how best to celebrate Advent with children, and whether or not it’s ok to put up Christmas decorations during Advent!

Questions with Fr. #23: When is it OK to Miss Sunday Mass? Why is Rock Music Discouraged?

Is it ever ok to miss Mass on a Sunday for non-emergency reasons? We know it’s not sinful to miss Mass due to illness or physical inability, but what about a family vacation? Or work? Can someone accept a job that will require them to miss Mass? Also, a listener asked why Rock music is not ok to listen to? Is there something objectively wrong with this type of music (as well as pop, dance, etc.) that is different inherently than other types of music?

Questions with Fr. #22: Indulgences for the Holy Souls Explained

A comprehensive overview of the process for obtaining plenary indulgences for the Holy Souls in Purgatory during the special time set aside by the Church: November 1-8.
Fr. Robinson explains what we need to do in order to free as many souls as possible, and answers the questions you’ve had about how this indulgence can be granted.

Questions with Fr. #21 – The Motives of Judas, and Why Not the 1955 Holy Week?

A listener asks Father why the Society of Saint Pius X doesn’t utilize the 1955 Holy Week Liturgy, but instead uses the 1962 Liturgy. We discuss the differences and licitness. Also, do we really know why Judas committed such an act of treason?

Learn More about the 1962 Liturgy: Angelus Press 1962 Missal

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Questions with Fr. #20 – Doorway Evangelists, Symbolism of Our Lord’s Baptism

This week, we’ll answer listener questions about the authenticity of our Faith, and what Our Lord was trying to tell us by being Baptized, when He didn’t need it. Also, what is the best way to talk with Jehovah’s Witnesses or other evangelists who come to your door?
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Questions with Fr. #19: Do Good Things Happen without Prayer, & the Topic of Animals’ Souls

This week we’ll answer objections that a non-believer may have – that is, why is prayer necessary? Don’t good things happen without it? Also, how do we explain the souls of animals? Support this podcast at – find Angelus Press, and note “For SSPX Podcast” at checkout.