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Crisis Series #3 with Fr. Wiseman: Origins – Descartes and Kant

This week, we’ll continue with Father Alexander Wiseman, looking at the remote background of the Crisis in more detail, exploring the philosophies of Immanuel Kant, and René Descartes, as well as their errors. Father will discuss how these ideas from some centuries ago have not only influenced the church, but have laid the groundwork for nearly all of our thinking today.

Crisis Series #2 with Fr. Wiseman: Origins – Nominalism & Luther

We’ll start in the 1300’s with Nominalism, and then move on to the errors of Martin Luther, how those two topics are connected, and what the response of the Church was at that time.

Crisis Series #1 with Fr. McFarland: Is There a Crisis?

In Episode 1, we’ll look at specific ways, and distinct symptoms of this crisis that is the greatest challenge the Catholic Church has ever faced.

13 Questions in 13 Minutes – The Immaculata Project

In this podcast episode, Fr. Patrick Rutledge, Prior of Assumption in St. Marys, Kansas addresses questions submitted by supporters of the Immaculata Church Project.

Crisis Series: Introduction with Fr. Franks

The SSPX Podcast is starting a new multi-part series on the Crisis in the Church, with 6 of our priests as guests.

Questions with Fr. #27: Was it Wrong for SSPX to Follow Authorities’ Mandates During Coronavirus?

In this episode, Father tackles several related questions regarding the recent events surrounding Covid-19.

Interview: Fr. John McFarland on Vocations, & Who Should Think About the Priesthood

In this interview, we speak with Fr. John McFarland, who is the Vocations Director for the US District of the Society of Saint Pius X. He discusses the types of vocations, who should think about entering the seminary, what kind of person it takes and much more!

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Questions with Fr. #26: Who are the SSPX Brothers, is Yoga OK, and Questions on Baptism

In this episode, Father discusses the special duties and responsibilities of the SSPX Brothers. Next, he’ll discuss the cautious nature the Catholic Church has towards the practice of Yoga, and why “just doing the exercises” doesn’t really count. Finally, a questioner asked whether it’s ok for a child to be baptized who is born to divorced & remarried parents – it’s not the child’s fault, is it?

Announcement: What’s the Plan with the SSPX Podcast?

In the last 90 days, you’ve seen an explosion in how many episodes we’ve been posting. We’re starting to pull back. Here’s a review of what we’ve done, and what to expect in the next few weeks!

True Heroes with Fr. Tamm: St Barnabas

A series of lives of the Saints, told by Fr. Thomas Tamm, especially for children!