SSPX Podcast

Crisis Series #8 with Fr. Loop: Is American Exceptionalism Catholic?

This week, we’ll discuss the rapid growth of Catholic schools, parishes, hospitals, and orphanages, and what that had to do with American Exceptionalism. We’ll also see how Pope Leo XIII both was in awe of the American Catholic Church, and gave some grave warnings.

Crisis Series #7 with Fr. Loop: Why Americanism is a Heresy

We’re speaking with Fr. Jonathan Loop about Americanism, which is closely tied to our last set of episodes on Liberalism. We’ll start by looking at the history and challenges that faced the Catholic Church in the early years of our country. Also, we’ll ask why Americanism is actually an error, and whether or not an American can be both a patriot and a good Catholic.

Apostolate Focus: Prison Apostolate in West Texas

Today we’re speaking with Mr. Mike Banschbach, who runs a prison ministry out of Midland, Texas. Mike’s work, and the efforts of Fr. Katzaroff, as well as the faithful at St. Michael the Archangel chapel have provided some really awe-inspiring stories, as you’ll hear in the next thirty minutes or so. And far from being forgotten, these inmates are receiving the Faith and the Sacraments, not to mention love, and support – many for the first time in their lives.

Crisis Series #6 with Fr. Reuter: Liberal Catholics Don’t Exist

We’re speaking with Fr. Steven Reuter for the culmination on our study of Liberalism, by seeing how it’s completely impossible for a Catholic to be a Liberal, and a Liberal to be a Catholic. Yes, there are “Liberal Catholics” but can they truly say they are Catholics, in the full sense of the word?

Crisis Series #5 with Fr. Reuter: What is Liberalism?

This week, we’ll learn more about liberalism, through the eyes of one of the great pontiffs of the last two centuries, Pope Leo XIII, and his condemnation of Liberalism in his encyclical “Libertas”.

Apostolate Focus: KSMK 98.3 FM Radio in Kansas

For this bonus episode, we’re speaking with Mr. John Steele, who is the Program Director of KSMK-LP, 98.3 FM in Saint Marys, Kansas. Located on the St. Mary’s Academy campus, and registered to them, it broadcasts traditional Catholic programming 24/7, every day of the year.

Crisis Series #4 with Fr. Reuter: Liberalism’s Errors

This week, we’re welcoming Fr. Steven Reuter, who is the Prior of St. Dennis in Calgary. He’ll be our guide for the next few episodes as we dive into the errors of Liberalism, which is something that has infected everyone living today, and even those living in the early twentieth century, including Archbishop Lefebvre.

Crisis Series #3 with Fr. Wiseman: Origins – Descartes and Kant

This week, we’ll continue with Father Alexander Wiseman, looking at the remote background of the Crisis in more detail, exploring the philosophies of Immanuel Kant, and René Descartes, as well as their errors. Father will discuss how these ideas from some centuries ago have not only influenced the church, but have laid the groundwork for nearly all of our thinking today.

Crisis Series #2 with Fr. Wiseman: Origins – Nominalism & Luther

We’ll start in the 1300’s with Nominalism, and then move on to the errors of Martin Luther, how those two topics are connected, and what the response of the Church was at that time.

Crisis Series #1 with Fr. McFarland: Is There a Crisis?

In Episode 1, we’ll look at specific ways, and distinct symptoms of this crisis that is the greatest challenge the Catholic Church has ever faced.