SSPX Podcast

Interview: Dr. John Rao – Part 1

The state of the traditional Catholic movement, problems & solutions in modern education

SSPX Podcast Extra: Growth in Virtue – Faith

Our 1st SSPX Podcast Extra: Shorter episodes with content from Angelus Press or other writings from the SSPX.  Today: Growth in Virtue – Faith

Questions with Fr. #15: The Scapular Promise, Our Lady’s Sadness, Spiritual Direction

This past December, Father Robinson answered listeners questions submitted via the site and our Facebook page regarding Marian practices and the process of picking a spiritual director

Questions with Father #14: Requirements for Priesthood, Celebrating New Mass, Devotions

Fr. John McFarland reviews the impediments and requirements for becoming a priest, as  well as answering listener questions in this episode

Questions with Father #13: Kabobs & Pastrami, Counting Prayers, & Obedience to Pastors

Fr. Robinson discusses: When are faithful obliged to obey their pastors? Is it ok to eat Halal food? Is counting prayers superstition, Jansenism, or good?

Questions with Father #12: Catholic Duties on Voting, Vocation Misconceptions, Modern Holy Days

Fr. John McFarland discusses when it is sinful not to vote and whether or not abortion trumps all other issues.  Also, Father is passionate about the topic of vocations, and addresses a commonly held misconception. Finally, a listener asks why Epiphany is no longer a Holy Day?

Questions with Father #11: Organ Donation & Communion in the Hand – What’s the Problem?

Listeners ask why Catholics pray to saints instead of just to God. Also, why has the Church historically had a problem with organ donation? And if there are such problems with the Novus Ordo Mass, why is Communion in the hand a big deal?

The Greatest Schism in 1,000 Years? News and a Review of the Eastern Churches

We talk with the Assistant Editor of Angelus Press, Mr. Gabriel Sanchez about this shocking news from the East.  While it may be too early to call the Moscow Patriarchate’s move a formal schism, it is expected that the other self-governing Orthodox churches around the world will begin choosing sides soon enough, perhaps leading to an unraveling of Orthodoxy’s confederate-style governing model.

Striving For Success: a Catholic’s Obligations – Fr. John McFarland

Father John McFarland presented an address to the St. Joseph Businessmen’s Association, St. Marys KS, on the moral principles involved in making money and pursuing success in the professional life