Questions with Fr. #28: Can I Go to Any Latin Mass I Want?

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In this episode, we’re tackling 1 question that is very often posed to our priests, so we decided to make a full episode on this one question – simply, it’s “Father, can I go this Mass or that Mass?” Or put another way, “Are all Latin Masses the same?”

Father Robinson and I recorded this episode in December, and we are releasing it now in the middle of our series on the Crisis in the Church, where we’re looking at the Novus Ordo Mass. We figured it’ll fit perfectly into this series, so it will drop into your podcast feed right after the episode where we’ve looked at a similar question – whether or not you should attend the Novus Ordo Mass. So there is a bit of overlap, since we recorded this earlier – Father does reiterate some of the same points about the danger of the Novus Ordo, but it’s worth reviewing, and it all serves to get to the answer that one of our listeners asked. Again if you’re not familiar with the Questions with Father series, I’d suggest going to or just scroll back in your podcast feed.

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