Crisis Series #36: How Can an Infallible Church Teach Error?

Today we’re joined by Fr. MacGillivray to ask one question: How is it that the Church, which is supposed to be indefectible, can give us a rite of worship, the Novus Ordo Mass, which is, at the least, problematic, if not defective? We won’t be able to answer this specifically today, since this question opens up many other questions we need to answer first, namely, how can the Church, through an ecumenical council, promulgate errors? We saw this a bit last week, but we’ll go into more detail. Then we’ll begin to look at whether or not the Church can be infallible in its discipline – which is where the Liturgy falls.

So we’ll finish today’s episode by looking at what theologians say about the infallibility of liturgical discipline. Next week, we’ll wrap up the conversation by looking at the magisterium of the Church, and then briefly touch on the infallibility of canonizations.

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