Papal Heresy and Loss of Office – SSPX Interview Series | Fr. MacGillivray

Today we’re speaking with Fr. William MacGillivray on a topic that has gained renewed attention in recent days – the question of the possibility of a heretical pope. What happens if a pope speaks heresy? This has been a topic of controversy over the course of the pontificate of Pope Francis, and it has only grown following a recent audience given by the Holy Father where he indicated that the Catholic Church includes heretics, apostates, etc. So we’ll look at this statement – was it heretical? And if it was, then what does that mean? Does it mean he loses the papacy automatically? Many saints and theologians have discussed this issue over the centuries – but only in a theoretical manner. Is there a theological or legal basis for the pope losing his office? This is the longest interview we’ve done, because it’s such a complex topic. But Fr. MacGillivray has put together a comprehensive overview, so we can determine once and for all, how Catholics should view the possibility of a heretical pope. Let’s join Father now.


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