Sacraments #9: The Gravely Insufficient New Mass w/ Fr. Paul Robinson

Father Paul Robinson will join us to look at each aspect of the New Mass, and how it constitutes a gravely insufficient way of adoring the Holy Trinity. We’ll be using clips from a couple Novus Ordo Masses to illustrate each section that Father is discussing – and to be as fair as possible, we will mainly be looking at a fairly reverent, common Novus Ordo Mass. It would be easy to find a New Mass with dancers, bands and light shows – but we’re trying to illustrate that at its core, the prayers and rubrics of the priest are a striking departure from Catholic theology, and are closer to Cramners’ Protestant reformations.

The Jewish Seder Meal – Referenced in the Podcast:

Cranmer’s Godly Order:
The Problem of the Liturgical Reform:
The Ottaviani Intervention:
Lex Orandi:

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