As the world and the media turned their attention to Canada last week for the visit of Pope Francis, many of our listeners had questions. So we spoke to Fr. David Sherry, District Superior of Canada for the SSPX, about 4 main topics regarding the so-called “penitential pilgrimage” of the Holy Father:

First: Should the Holy Father apologize on behalf of the Catholic Church – for anything? If so, under what circumstances, and for what things?

Second: Should the Holy Father have even visited Canada?

Third: It’s a common narrative these days to say that the Catholic Church colonized and forced native peoples – not just in Canada – to convert to Catholicism. Is this the practice of the Church? And specifically, did it happen in Canada the way it’s been reported?

And fourth: What are we to think of the Holy Father – or any pope, bishop, or priest – taking part in native ceremonies, such as accepting the gift of a native headdress, or being present during a native smudging or incense ceremony.

The answers to some of these questions may surprise you – and you may look at this situation just a bit differently afterwards.

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