Questions with Father

Questions with Father 8: Confessions in the Novus Ordo, Problems with Extreme Unction, Picking the Wrong Vocation

In a conversation with Fr. Paul Robinson, we discuss the importance of seeking out a priest for Confession when one is in danger of death, what one can do if they feel they have picked the wrong vocation, and the issues facing the sacraments in today’s Catholic Church, specifically Extreme Unction.

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Questions with Father 7: Morality of Tattoos, Fear of Confession, Father’s Reading List

In this episode, we speak with Fr. Frank Kurtz, who is stationed at Queen of Angels in Dickinson, TX, which suffered massive flooding last August. He Spoke with us about tattoos, the fear of Confession, and his suggestions for a good Catholic reading list:

Questions with Father 6: Epilepsy as Impediment to Priesthood, Statements from Pope Francis

Fr. Robinson discusses how to correlate Modernism with the study of Epistemology, as well as correlating our Faith with problematic statements from the Vatican, and impediments to a vocation.

Questions with Father 5: The Church’s Role in Education in the Middle Ages, Controlling God with Sin, Justice of Limbo

In this week’s episode with Fr. Robinson, Questions from listeners on: the often-overlooked history of the Church’s leading role as a scientific mind in the Middle Ages, how God allows sin – aren’t we “controlling” Him? And how can God say He wants all to be saved, if babies, through no fault of their own, are in Limbo?

Questions with Father 4: Does the Church weigh in on Cosmology, Questions about Veiling, Teen Internet Use

In this episode with Fr. Paul Robinson, a reader of his book, the Realist Guide to Religion and Science asked if the Church has an official stance on Geocentricism vs. Heliocentricism. In addition, we discuss whether ladies’ veiling is a custom or an obligation, and how parents should treat teens’ use of the internet and computer in the home.

Questions with Father 3: Objections to “Realist Guide” Book / Working with Teens

Episode 3 of “Questions with Father” discusses some recent misconceptions about his book, “The Realist Guide to Religion and Science” as well as tips for parents on working with their teens.

Questions with Father 2: Internal Spirit of Prayer, Work / Life Balance, New Canonizations

Episode 2 of “Questions with Father” touches on living in the world but not of it, and how the SSPX views canonizations, specifically those of Maximillian Kolbe vs. John Paul II.  The articles Father references: 

Questions with Father 1: The Realists Guide to Religion & Science, Mental Health

Episode 1 of “Questions with Father,” with Fr. Paul Robinson. Our first conversation has poor audio quality – future episodes have been improved! This episode discusses Father’s new book, as well as the priests’ role in helping those with addiction and mental health issues.