The Sacraments Series

What is the Difference Between the Traditional Sacraments and the New Rite of Sacraments?

Sacraments #5: Why Do We Confess Our Sins to a Priest? With Fr. David Sherry

We’ll take a magnifying glass to Penance today. To do that, we’ll start by looking at the concept of sin itself. Then we’ll look at the penitent, and the priest. What is Father looking for when he asks us those questions in the Confessional? And why do we have to do a penance afterwards? Fr. Sherry will walk us through the traditional form of the Sacrament of Penance

Sacraments #4: Why the New Rite of Baptism is Deficient

Father Wiseman will join us again, this time to look at the New Rite of Baptism. While the sacrament in both the old and the new rites are valid, nearly every other aspect of the new Rite – all the sacramentals, blessings, prayers, and exorcisms, have either been removed or drastically changed. Why? And if these things have been removed or changed, what has replaced them?

Sacrament Series #3: The Traditional Rite of Baptism w/ Fr. Wiseman

Father Alexander Wiseman, professor at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary is joining us for the next two episodes, first to look at the Traditional Rite of Baptism. As you’ll see, it is so much more than simply pouring water, and saying a few words of the formula. The Church has filled the ritual with exorcisms, symbolism, and graces for the benefit of the new Christian being Baptized.

Sacraments Series #2: Common Errors About the Sacraments

Today we’ll have Fr. Paul Robinson back to look at some of the common errors – some of the heresies that have arisen over the centuries about the Sacraments. We’ll also take a look at the way two distinct groups understand the sacraments – namely, Protestants and Modernists. As you’ll start to see in this episode – and as it will be come clearer throughout this series, both groups have an outsized role in how the understanding of the Sacraments shifted in the Church in the last fifty years.

Sacraments Series #1: What Is So Important About the Catholic Sacraments?

This series comes at time when the traditional rite of the Sacraments of the Catholic Church are being suppressed. The series comes at time when it is more important than ever to understand what the sacraments are, why they’re necessary, and what we can do to preserve them.