Parish Mission: Tuesday – Putting on the New Man

Fr. Steven McDonald continues the theme of participation in our own salvation. Our Lord gives us the example, but it is up to us to follow His example. We must live a life of true contrition for our sins, and a life of conversion of heart.

Parish Mission: Monday – Participating in Our Own Salvation

In 2016, Fr. Steven McDonald visited St. Isidore’s Priory in Denver Colorado, and preached a parish mission. This first episode discusses the participation in our own salvation, using the example of St. Paul.

Message from Fr. Wegner to the Faithful During Pandemic

In this message, Fr. Wegner suggests that Catholics see this time as one of opportunity to gain grace, and invites faithful to send in their prayer intentions for the priests to remember in their daily Masses.

Reflection: Spiritual Communion

A series of meditations & reflection delivered by our priests for the benefit of faithful who are not able to attend Mass & Liturgical Ceremonies.

Today’s is on the importance of a Spiritual Communion, delivered by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, FSSPX

Reflection: Meditation on the Hours of the Passion #1

A series of meditations & reflection delivered by our priests for the benefit of faithful who are not able to attend Mass & Liturgical Ceremonies.

Delivered by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, FSSPX

Interview: Mother Mary Joseph, Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King

A brief introduction outlining the response that the SSPX is taking with the Coronavirus, and what the priests are working on to assist the faithful who may not be able to make it to Mass

Then our interview with Mother Mary Joseph – the Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King are located in Kansas City, MO, and have as their apostolate the education of children. We spoke with Mother about their history, their founder, their mission, and then we asked her about her own experience as the superior of this convent.


Questions with Fr. #25: Ancestral Sin, When to Make a General Confession, Rosary Recordings

In this episode, Father tackles a question that has been gaining a bit of traction in Traditional circles about binding prayers, and the concept of ancestral sin. Is it accurate that sin can be “loosed” from a family tree by certain prayers?

Also, we’ll discuss the concept of praying along with a recording of the rosary, and find out more about a general confession – when it should be made, and when it shouldn’t be made!

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary Rosary recording that Father likes: https://liturgydevotions.bandcamp.com/album/rosarium-the-rosary-in-latin
Stations of the Cross recording: http://sspxpodcast.com/2020/02/stations-of-the-cross-downloadable/

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Interview: Fr. Patrick Rutledge & The New Immaculata Project

This week, we spoke with Fr. Rutledge about the history of the Immaculata in St. Marys, which was destroyed by fire shortly after the SSPX acquired the property. Archbishop Lefebvre himself asked for it to be rebuilt, and some 40 years later, his vision seems to be coming to fruition!

We’ll discuss the history, the design, the challenges from a budgetary and organizational concern, and the timeline of this massive project.

“The Immaculata is the future home of the Catholic faithful of the Society of St. Pius in St. Mary’s, KS. After over 40 years since the original Immaculata burned down, this magnificent Romanesque church will stand as a symbol of the Faith, for Our Lady, and for the greater glory of God.”

For more information visit https://www.anewimmaculata.org/

Stations of the Cross – Downloadable

Stations of the Cross as delivered by Fr. Leo Anthony Haynos on Good Friday, 2019, at Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel, Phoenix, AZ.

Please visit sspxpodcast.com to download this file – it is free to download, and use for your own personal devotions at home at any time you would like!

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