Questions with Fr. #22: Indulgences for the Holy Souls Explained

A comprehensive overview of the process for obtaining plenary indulgences for the Holy Souls in Purgatory during the special time set aside by the Church: November 1-8.
Fr. Robinson explains what we need to do in order to free as many souls as possible, and answers the questions you’ve had about how this indulgence can be granted.
Visit sspx.org/poorsouls to submit the names of your loved ones to the altars of the SSPX US District House

The Danger Lurking Online: Fr. Sean Kilcawley

In this special episode, we present the full lecture of Fr. Sean Kilcawley that he recently gave at the Angelus Press Conference for Catholic Tradition: Defense of the Family, Fortifying Catholic Marriage.

Note: this talk deals with the problems of pornography and issues of impurity, and is intended for an adult audience. Please listen with discretion.

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Interview: Fr. Jurgen Wegner, Mr. James Vogel – Conference Recap

Following Conference weekend, we review the topics, speakers, feedback, and plans for next year with the US District Superior for the SSPX, Fr. Jürgen Wegner, and the Communications Director for the US District, Mr. James Vogel.

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Interview: Mr. James Vogel – 50th Anniversary of SSPX, Angelus Press Conference

Our second interview with the Communications Director of the US District of the SSPX, and the Editor of Angelus Press, Mr. James Vogel. It comes as the SSPX is preparing for its 50th Anniversary – we discuss the original mission of Archbishop Lefebvre, and how he would view the work the Society is doing today. We also asked Mr. Vogel what it is he wished every person knew about the SSPX and its work. Also, we’ll discuss the Angelus Press Conference, the 2020 Liturgical Calendar, and some of his favorite works that are not published by Angelus Press.

Show notes:

SSPX 50th Anniversary

Websites of the SSPX in English
US District:  sspx.org
English News:  fsspx.news
Spirituality:  fsspx.life 

Archbishop Lefebvre’s view on the priesthood

Conference for Catholic Tradition

The Angelus Magazine

Angelus Press 2020 Liturgical Calendar

When Bishops Meet, by John W. O’Malley 

The Golden Legend: Readings on the Saints, by Jacobus de Voraigne

Questions with Fr. #21 – The Motives of Judas, and Why Not the 1955 Holy Week?

A listener asks Father why the Society of Saint Pius X doesn’t utilize the 1955 Holy Week Liturgy, but instead uses the 1962 Liturgy. We discuss the differences and licitness. Also, do we really know why Judas committed such an act of treason?

Learn More about the 1962 Liturgy: Angelus Press 1962 Missal

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Interview: Fr. Patrick Summers – The SSPX in Asia

Father Summers is the District Superior of a massive District for the Society of St. Pius X – Asia. We discuss his work as well as the practical and philosophical differences in ministering to the various countries in Asia.
A transcript of this interview is coming soon!
More about the work of the SSPX in Asia: http://fsspx.asia
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Questions with Fr. #20 – Doorway Evangelists, Symbolism of Our Lord’s Baptism

This week, we’ll answer listener questions about the authenticity of our Faith, and what Our Lord was trying to tell us by being Baptized, when He didn’t need it. Also, what is the best way to talk with Jehovah’s Witnesses or other evangelists who come to your door?
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Questions with Fr. #19: Do Good Things Happen without Prayer, & the Topic of Animals’ Souls

This week we’ll answer objections that a non-believer may have – that is, why is prayer necessary? Don’t good things happen without it? Also, how do we explain the souls of animals? Support this podcast at sspx.gifts – find Angelus Press, and note “For SSPX Podcast” at checkout.

Questions with Fr. #18: The Ascension from Apostles’ Perspective, & How the First Commandment is Broken

Three Questions this week: Why was it so “easy” for the Chosen People to betray the First Commandment in the desert, is it wrong to pledge allegiance to something other than God, and why did the angels tell the Apostles not to look up to Heaven after the Ascension?

Questions with Fr. #17: Did the Flood Cover All the Earth? When Does Life Begin?

With this episode, Father discusses whether we see the Bible literally or figuratively by examining the great flood. Also, when did the Church start weighing in on life beginning at conception?