Apologetics Series

30+ Episodes Released throughout 2023 on Apologetics


Is the Catholic Church Anti-Science? Galileo Explained – Apologetics #26

There may not be another singular person who is a source of such controversy throughout the history of the Catholic Church. And, Galileo is the favorite tool that many use to claim that the Church is backwards, anti-science, anti-reason, and more. So what’s the story with Galileo? And why did the Catholic Church react the way she did when Galileo was making his amazing discoveries?


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Corruption in the Church! Apologetics #25

Like last episode, when we faced some of the worst popes we’ve ever had, today, we’ll look at some of the worst instances of human corruption the Church has ever had. From illegitimate indulgences, to clerics throughout history helping their family members, and all sorts of other bad actors, we’ll try to understand how to balance the divine nature of the Church with her very human members.


Were the Inquisitions Bad? Apologetics #22

It all starts with the basic concept of how should the Church deal with heresies? What does a trial for a crime against truth look like – and what should it look like? Throughout history, were there abuses of this process by the Church or by the civil authorities? Or is it all completely exaggerated? There’s lots of info that Dr. Rao will help us uncover.


Were the Crusades Bad? – Apologetics # 21

We’re starting to look at some of the more controversial aspects of Church History. Over the next 6 episodes, we’ll have Dr. John Rao join us to look at the “hot button issues” that are commonly used to attack the faith. Today we’ll start by looking at the Crusades. Were they good, or were they bad? Or, is it a lot more complicated than that? How did the Crusades impact the growth of Roman Catholicism, and how did they impact the relationship between East and West?


Christ’s Miracles: Exaggerated Stories or Real? Is There Proof? – Apologetics #20

Fr. Ian Palko will join us again to look specifically at the Miracles that the New Testament says Our Lord performed.  Did he actually perform these, or are these just made up stories, passed from word of mouth, and finally collected in the New Testament as fodder for a new religion? How can we possibly prove these fantastic stories from nearly 2,000 years ago as being accurate? 


Why Do We Need a Pope? – Apologetics # 16

In this episode, Fr. MacGillivray will look at the concept of the papacy itself. We’ve already seen that Jesus set up the Catholic Church, but he left us with 12 Apostles, who would be the first bishops. Did he actually set up St. Peter as the most important of the Apostles? And what was the reason for putting one fallible, hot-headed, uneducated man at the head of His Divine Church?