Interview: The Inspiring True Story of Fr. Marco Tilosanec

This past winter, we spoke with Father Marko Tilosanec, a Croatian priest who has a fascinating story. He was ordained a priest in the standard diocesan structure in Croatia – even before his ordination, he began to seek out more information about tradition. After his ordination, he experienced difficulties while attempting to follow his conscience in learning and celebrating the Latin Mass.
This prompted him to visit the society of saint Pius X seminary in Zaitzkofen, Germany… and eventually, to become a priest within the SSPX.
This is the story of one priest’s journey to tradition. But it’s also the story of attempting to bring tradition back to an entire country that was left behind – first by the Communists, then by the Modernists.
This is the story of Father Marko Tilosanec

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Papal Heresy and Loss of Office – SSPX Interview Series | Fr. MacGillivray

Today we’re speaking with Fr. William MacGillivray on a topic that has gained renewed attention in recent days – the question of the possibility of a heretical pope. What happens if a pope speaks heresy? This has been a topic of controversy over the course of the pontificate of Pope Francis, and it has only grown following a recent audience given by the Holy Father where he indicated that the Catholic Church includes heretics, apostates, etc.

SSPX Superior Speaks about Tradition Today – Angelus Press Conference Talk 2021

Selections from the talk delivered at the Angelus Press Conference for Catholic Tradition, December 11, 2021. The title of the Superior General’s conference: “The Mission of the Society of Saint Pius X”

Interview: Fr. Onoda – Tradition and the History of Catholicism in Japan

We spoke with Fr. Thomas Onoda earlier in the Spring, just after the Society of Saint Pius X officially opened its first priory in Japan. We spoke with Father for just over 30 minutes or so about his story, the sometimes violent history of Catholicism in Japan, and what he sees for the future of his country. He asked me just before interview if he could say a few words about the special history of Nagasaki in Japan – as an American, I was not going to bring up the horrific bombing of Japan during World War II during this interview – I didn’t know what the proper boundaries are in this case, but I’m so glad he wanted to bring it up. When you hear it, I think you’ll agree it led to one of the most inspiring moments throughout all our episodes on this podcast.

Should You Attend a Vocations Retreat? w/ Fr. John McFarland

In this interview, originally published last Summer, we speak with Fr. John McFarland, who is the Vocations Director for the US District of the Society of Saint Pius X. He discusses the types of vocations, who should think about entering the seminary, what kind of person it takes and much more!

Interview with Fr. Burfitt on Recent Court Victory vs. Governor Newsom

On December 10, Fr. Trevor Burfitt, represented by Christopher Ferrara of the St. Thomas More Society, won a preliminary injunction prohibiting California Governor Newsom and others named in Father Trevor Burfitt’s lawsuit from enforcing COVID-19 related restrictions against his chapels in Kern, San Bernardino, San Diego and Los Angeles counties.

Apostolate Focus: Prison Apostolate in West Texas

Today we’re speaking with Mr. Mike Banschbach, who runs a prison ministry out of Midland, Texas. Mike’s work, and the efforts of Fr. Katzaroff, as well as the faithful at St. Michael the Archangel chapel have provided some really awe-inspiring stories, as you’ll hear in the next thirty minutes or so. And far from being forgotten, these inmates are receiving the Faith and the Sacraments, not to mention love, and support – many for the first time in their lives.

Apostolate Focus: KSMK 98.3 FM Radio in Kansas

For this bonus episode, we’re speaking with Mr. John Steele, who is the Program Director of KSMK-LP, 98.3 FM in Saint Marys, Kansas. Located on the St. Mary’s Academy campus, and registered to them, it broadcasts traditional Catholic programming 24/7, every day of the year.

13 Questions in 13 Minutes – The Immaculata Project

In this podcast episode, Fr. Patrick Rutledge, Prior of Assumption in St. Marys, Kansas addresses questions submitted by supporters of the Immaculata Church Project.

Interview: Fr. John McFarland on Vocations, & Who Should Think About the Priesthood

In this interview, we speak with Fr. John McFarland, who is the Vocations Director for the US District of the Society of Saint Pius X. He discusses the types of vocations, who should think about entering the seminary, what kind of person it takes and much more!

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