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The latest from our Questions with Father series, sermons, talks, and our collections of interviews:

Existence of God – Apologetics Series – Episode 1

Today we’ll start with the very basic question about whether or not God exists. Fr. Robinson will also give us a basic background on Apologetics:

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Why The SSPX Is Correct – SSPX Interview Series – Episode 7

In short, why does the SSPX do what it does – and how does it have the authority to do what it does? We’ll take a deep dive into...

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Intro: Apologetics – A New Series Coming Soon…

This year, on the SSPX Podcast, and on the SSPX YouTube account, we’re doing a new introductory series on Catholic Apologetics.

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What is The Future of Angelus Press? – SSPX Interview Series – Episode 6

Fr. Paul Robinson is the new Publisher of Angelus Press. What are his plans for Angelus Press and all the other apostolates that are under its umbrella? And you...

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Does Purgatory Exist? – Questions with Father #39 w/ Fr. Ockerse

A listener asked us to look at the scriptural proof for the existence of Purgatory, and how do we know it actually exists? And then we’ll look at the...

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The Religious Life: SSPX Sisters – Vocations Series #6 with Sister Mary Gemma

The SSPX Podcast "Vocations Series" continues its look at religious life with Sister Mary Gemma, SSPX sister of 33 years. Sister explains the history of the congregation, its spirit,...

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