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The latest from our Questions with Father series, sermons, talks, and our collections of interviews:

“Toxic” Mistakes about Vocations – Vocations Series #4 with Fr. McFarland

The idea about religious vocations or vocations to the Priesthood has suffered from misconceptions, strange ideas, and just plain bad advice. Fr. McFarland reviews some of the most common...

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The Vocation to Get Married – Does it Exist? Vocations Series #3 with Fr. McFarland

Is it correct that the Married State is a vocation? Are some people called to it, and others aren't? Is it better than consecrated life?

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What Does it Mean to Be a Religious? Episode #2 of Vocations Series

How does the vocation to the Religious Life differ from the Priesthood? What kind of people are needed? Fr. McFarland explains.

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What Kind of Man Makes a Good Priest? – Episode #1 of Vocations Series

In our first episode, we'll look at the priesthood itself briefly, then look at what a vocation to the priesthood entails - who are we looking for?

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We Need to Talk About Vocations: Exploring the Misconceptions – Introduction to Vocations Series

Introduction to our new series on Vocations - we'll have 8 episodes exploring the topic, its misconceptions, how to foster vocations, and much more!

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“The Courage to Be Afraid” – Interview with Fr. Alexander Wiseman

An interview with Fr. Wiseman about the new book from Angelus Press that he translated - "The Courage to be Afraid" - and why he thought it was so...

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