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The latest from our Questions with Father series, sermons, talks, and our collections of interviews:

Is it Logical that Hell and Purgatory Would Exist?- Apologetics #31

What happens after we die? Is it fitting that we will be judged by God? And is it compatible with our understanding of God that we could either...

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Do We Have a Choice in Our Own Salvation? – Apologetics #30

We know that God knows all things – so He knows whether we will achieve salvation. So, why does it matter whether we do anything for our own justification,...

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How Do We Save Our Souls? Faith, Works, or Both? – Apologetics #29

On today’s episode of the SSPX Podcast, we’ll continue our Apologetics Series by looking at Justification – or how to get to Heaven. How are we justified? Did Christ...

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How Are We Supposed to Interpret Holy Scripture? – Apologetics #28

This episode of the SSPX Podcast continues the Apologetics Series by examining further one of the fonts of revelation: Sacred Scripture. Having previously discussed the truth of the Bible...

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Is the Catholic Church Believable? What are its Attributes? – Apologetics #27

On today’s episode of the SSPX Podcast, we’ll continue our Apologetics Series by looking at the Catholic Church in general terms. Over the last few episodes, we’ve identified some...

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Emotions and The Spiritual Life | SSPX Sermons #22

The latest sermon delivered by one of the Society of Saint Pius X's priests, delivered twice-weekly on a dedicated sermons-only podcast feed!

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