Crisis in the Church Series

More than 4 Dozen Episodes, with 14 Priests of the SSPX


Crisis Series #50 with Superior General of SSPX: What is the Solution to the Crisis?

e would be no one better to give the final word in this series than the Superior General of the SSPX, Don Davide Pagliarani. He graciously agreed to take some time from his duties to give us his thoughts on what the traditional restoration of the Church might look like after this major upheaval, and finally, what the answer – what is the solution to the Crisis in the Church.


Crisis Series #49: Father, What Can I Do About the Crisis in the Church?

Today we’ll ask, “Father, what can I do about the Crisis in the Church?” Is there anything I can do about the Crisis? Do I just hunker down in my home and say the rosary? Do I move my family to a traditional Catholic compound and ignore everything that’s happening? Or should I take a more active role, speaking out, and fighting for the rights of the Church? We invited Fr. David Sherry, the Canadian District Superior for the SSPX to join us and give us what we all need right now – some simple, practical advice for what a lay person should be doing right now.


Crisis Series #48: 4 Questions You Need to Ask About the Crisis

Whether you have seen every episode of this series so far, or have just seen a couple, or maybe none – this is likely the most important episode we’ve done so far.  In the next hour and twenty minutes, Father Wiseman will break down the entire Crisis into 4 simple questions.  If you answer yes to the first, we’ll move on to the second question, and so on.  By the end, if you’ve said yes to all of them, well, congratulations – you hold the same positions that the Society of Saint Pius X does. Think of this as a choose your own adventure book, except it’s about your Faith, and the stakes are infinite.


Crisis Series #47: Am I Allowed to Attend an SSPX Mass?

“Is it ok for me to attend a Mass of the Society of Saint Pius X?” There are many “experts” who claim one – or several – of the following:
1. You can’t fulfill your Sunday obligation at an SSPX chapel.
2 – You could fulfill your obligation, but it would be sinful to go.
3 – it’s not a sin to attend, but be careful, it promotes a schismatic mentality. So in the conclusion of the Crisis in the Church Series’ study of the SSPX itself, we’ll answer those questions, and let you know why it’s actually…. Good to attend.


Crisis Series #46: What About the Other Traditional Mass Communities?

Among Traditional Catholics, there seems to be a lot of confusion about why there’s a division between the Society of Saint Pius X and these groups. On the surface, they look identical. Both say the Latin Mass, both are orthodox in their sacraments and teaching, the priests wear cassocks, etc. So what’s the problem with the Fraternity of Saint Peter, the Institute of Christ the King, and the others? Is it just a trad version of the Hatfields & McCoys? Fr McFarland explains why objectively, there’s a difference.


Crisis Series #45: Are the New Canonizations Infallible?

Don Tranquillo will join us once again to look at the question of Canonizations since the time of the Second Vatican Council. Are the New Canonizations infallible? To answer this, we’ll need to see whether or not Canonizations in the past were infallible. It’s commonly understood by most Catholics that Canonizations are one of the things that are infallibly proclaimed by the Pope. How then can we square this seeming infallibility with some of the new saints, who contradict previous saints?


Crisis Series #44: How Can the SSPX Justify What it Does?

Last week, we looked at the status of the Society of Saint Pius X. Given that there is no regular canonical status for the SSPX, how then, can the priests of the Society exercise their functions? Canon Law is pretty clear on this point – for a priest to exercise his ministry, he must be under the authority and direction of the local bishop, or at the least, under the direct supervision of the Vatican. Since that does not exist, how can the priests of the Society justify, in all good conscience, what they do? Are they simply disobedient rebels?


Crisis Series #43: Schismatic? Excommunicated? Irregular? What’s the Status of the SSPX?

Today we’ll dive into a question that is very confusing for a lot of faithful – and as you’ll see, it’s confusing for some within the Church itself – what is the official status of the Society of Saint Pius X within the Catholic Church? There are accusations that it is schismatic. Or at the least, that it has a “spirit of schism.” Another common accusation is that the Society is not part of the Catholic Church. There’s a lot of misinformation out there – let’s try to clear it up!


Crisis Series #42 with Bishop Fellay: Were the 1988 Consecrations Justified?

He, better than anyone, can help us understand what was happening during those pivotal days, and what was going through the mind of the Archbishop as he wrestled with this momentous decision. But besides having an interesting conversation about Church history with someone who was a part of it, we’re also going to ask His Excellency, how can the Society of Saint Pius X justify what the Archbishop did? On the surface, this was an act of disobedience against the Holy Father. According to the swift, severe response from the Vatican just days after, this was a schismatic act. We’ll welcome Bishop Fellay now to help us understand what happened:



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