Crisis in the Church Series

More than a Dozen Episodes, with 6 Priests of the SSPX


Crisis Series #14 with Fr. McFarland: Why Freedom & Equality Aren’t Catholic

Today, we will look at Modernism through the lens of the recent encyclical by Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti, and how this encyclical promotes the French revolutionary ideas of liberty, equality, and fraternity. We’ll see how these three ideas, though they sound very nice, are not based in Catholic doctrine, and in fact, were condemned by Pope St. Pius X just over 100 years ago, when French Catholics formed the Sillon, a very popular Catholic social movement. This movement was flawed, and condemned, because it tried to marry the principles of the revolution to the Kingship of Christ.


Crisis Series #13 with Fr. Robinson: Modernist Popes in Their Own Words

Today, we’ll compare side by side the viewpoints of the modern popes, and examine them in the light of Pope St. Pius X’s encyclical, Pascendi. Within the span of thirty minutes, we’ll see how the modern Church has perfectly followed the modernist playbook that Pope St. Pius X predicted just a hundred years before. Nearly every modern pronouncement from the Vatican has been perfectly predictable….


Crisis Series #12 with Fr. Robinson: Modernist Catholics aren’t Catholic

Last episode, Father gave us insight into modernist philosophies by looking at the encyclical Pascendi. Today, we’ll look at today’s Catholicism, which is completely immersed in Modernism. We’ll start by asking if modernist Catholics can even be considered Catholics. Then we’ll look at each of the major parts of our faith through the lens of Modernism, then through the lens of tradition and see how completely different they are. Modernists have changed our interpretation of scripture, the sacraments, the catechism, and most notably, the liturgy and the Catholic priesthood.


Crisis in the Church Series Recap: Episodes 1 – 11

This week on the Crisis in the Church series, we’re taking a break from our normal interviews for Christmas, but we wanted to do an episode recapping what we’ve talked about over the last three months. That way if you’ve missed an episode – or a few – you can get up to speed as we continue with our series next week. We’ve condensed the past 9 hours of episodes into about an hour, highlighting a few of the important points from each interview.


Crisis Series #11 with Fr. Robinson: How Pope St. Pius X Combatted Modernism

Today we’re joined by Fr. Paul Robinson, the Prior of Saint Isidore’s in Denver, Colorado. Last episode, we learned from Fr. Franks about the background of Modernism, and today, in our explanation of modernist thought, we’ll see how this modernist ideology twists the very nature of religion. We’ll take a look back at more recent history, and see how the Pachamama and Assisi scandals have their root in the exact same errors that Pope St. Pius X warned the Catholic Church about in his groundbreaking encyclical Pascendi.


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