Before the scientific discoveries of the late 19th century, most adherents of Catholicism and Protestantism believed that the earth and universe were 6000 years old, based on a chronology derived from the Bible. However, after the discovery of the radioactive behavior of atoms, developments in the study of geology, and accurate measurement of star distances provided solid scientific evidence for a universe and earth of an age in the billions of years, Catholic exegetes abandoned the idea that the earth was 6000 years old. Fundamentalist Protestants, however, clung to the idea that this was a teaching of the Bible, and seek to support their thesis by scientific evidence, by which they try to explain away the aforementioned discoveries.

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What is the SSPX Podcast?

The SSPX Podcast is produced by Angelus Press, which has as its mission the fortification of traditional Catholics so that they can defend the Faith, and reaching out to those who have not yet found Tradition. 

What is the SSPX?

The main goal of the Society of Saint Pius X is to preserve the Catholic Faith in its fullness and purity, to teach its truths, and to diffuse its virtues, especially through the Roman Catholic priesthood.

Authentic spiritual life, the sacraments, and the traditional liturgy are its primary means of bringing this life of grace to souls.

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