Why do Catholics profess Mary’s Perpetual Virginity? – Questions with Father #48 – Fr. Pezzutti

On this week’s episode of the SSPX Podcast, we welcome again Fr. Shane Pezzutti to discuss what the Church professes concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a point of Catholic dogma that Our Lady’s virginity was perpetual, yet some Christians question this position based not only on conjecture, but ostensibly on the Bible. In this episode, we examine the question and explain, on the basis of Scripture and Tradition, why the Church states infallibly that Mary remained a virgin for her entire life. May is the perfect month to review some of these questions, not only to satisfy our reason, but to hopefully increase our devotion as well to this great privilege of our Blessed Mother.

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The SSPX Podcast is produced by Angelus Press, which has as its mission the fortification of traditional Catholics so that they can defend the Faith, and reaching out to those who have not yet found Tradition. 

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