Interview: Mr. James Vogel – 50th Anniversary of SSPX, Angelus Press Conference

Our second interview with the Communications Director of the US District of the SSPX, and the Editor of Angelus Press, Mr. James Vogel. It comes as the SSPX is preparing for its 50th Anniversary – we discuss the original mission of Archbishop Lefebvre, and how he would view the work the Society is doing today. We also asked Mr. Vogel what it is he wished every person knew about the SSPX and its work. Also, we’ll discuss the Angelus Press Conference, the 2020 Liturgical Calendar, and some of his favorite works that are not published by Angelus Press.

Show notes:

SSPX 50th Anniversary

Websites of the SSPX in English
US District:
English News:

Archbishop Lefebvre’s view on the priesthood

Conference for Catholic Tradition

The Angelus Magazine

Angelus Press 2020 Liturgical Calendar

When Bishops Meet, by John W. O’Malley 

The Golden Legend: Readings on the Saints, by Jacobus de Voraigne