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Sacraments #12: Why Extreme Unction is a Joyful Sacrament w/ Fr. Reuter

While it can often seem that this sacrament is sad – and indeed, it is often given when a loved one is close to death – we’ll look at what this sacrament can give a soul as it is about to enter eternity. And we’ll see that instead of bringing sadness, it brings peace, and even joy to these final moments.

Sacraments #11: Concerns About the New Rite of Confirmation w/ Fr. Goldade

We’re going to approach this episode in two different ways – we’ll look at the teaching and the prayers surrounding the sacrament, then we’ll look at the specific characteristics of this sacrament, especially the matter and the form. Of all the New Sacraments, Confirmation is the one where there is most serious cause for concern.

How Should We Properly Date? – Questions with Father #35 w/ Fr. Gardner

The world has a very different idea about dating – so much so that it’s properly known in the Catholic sense by an entirely different word – courtship. So what is Catholic courtship, and how does it differ from the “normal” idea of dating? This is an episode that every young man or woman should review before they begin any sort of dating — or courtship.

Sacraments #10: How We Can Be Perfect Catholics in Confirmation w/ Fr. Goldade

In this first of two episodes on Confirmation, we’ll first take a step back and look at the Institution of the Sacrament, its history, and why its practiced differently in the Eastern Churches versus the Latin Church. We’ll also look briefly at the Gifts of the Holy Ghost, the Matter and Form of Confirmation, and why the Church talks about the Perfection of Catholic Virtues in this Sacrament more than the others.

Interview: The Inspiring True Story of Fr. Marco Tilosanec

This past winter, we spoke with Father Marko Tilosanec, a Croatian priest who has a fascinating story. He was ordained a priest in the standard diocesan structure in Croatia – even before his ordination, he began to seek out more information about tradition. After his ordination, he experienced difficulties while attempting to follow his conscience in learning and celebrating the Latin Mass.
This prompted him to visit the society of saint Pius X seminary in Zaitzkofen, Germany… and eventually, to become a priest within the SSPX.
This is the story of one priest’s journey to tradition. But it’s also the story of attempting to bring tradition back to an entire country that was left behind – first by the Communists, then by the Modernists.
This is the story of Father Marko Tilosanec

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Why Should We Say 3 Hail Marys Daily? Questions with Father #34 w/ Fr. Alphonsus

Fr. Alphonsus, Redemptorist Priest, explains the tradition / practice of saying three Hail Marys every day, and what the purpose is:

How to Examine Our Conscience – Questions with Father #33 w/ Fr. Alphonsus

Fr. Alphonsus, Redemptorist Priest, explains about the important task of examining our conscience.

Sacraments #9: The Gravely Insufficient New Mass w/ Fr. Paul Robinson

Father Paul Robinson will join us to look at each aspect of the New Mass, and how it constitutes a gravely insufficient way of adoring the Holy Trinity. We’ll be using clips from a couple Novus Ordo Masses to illustrate each section that Father is discussing – and to be as fair as possible, we will mainly be looking at a fairly reverent, common Novus Ordo Mass. It would be easy to find a New Mass with dancers, bands and light shows – but we’re trying to illustrate that at its core, the prayers and rubrics of the priest are a striking departure from Catholic theology.

What is A Redemptorist Priest? – Questions with Father #32 w/ Fr. Alphonsus

Fr. Alphonsus, Redemptorist Priest, tells us more about the rich history of the Redemptorist Order

What is Some Advice for a Fruitful Lent? – Questions with Father #31 w/ Fr. Alphonsus

Fr. Alphonsus, Redemptorist Priest, gives us insights into the best way to practice a fruitful Lent.