Crisis Series #22 w/ Fr. McFarland: Everything Must Change! Post-Conciliar “Reforms”

With this episode, we’re starting our study of the period after the Second Vatican Council. Over the next twenty or so episodes, we’ll be diving into topics like the Novus Ordo Mass, Religious Liberty, Collegiality, the Hermeneutic of Continuity, Feenyism, Obedience and its Limits, Sedevacantism, Ecumenism, Infallibility, the new Canonizations, Supplied Jurisdiction, and much more. But today, we’ll start with the reforms that started to take place just after the Second Vatican Council. Father John-Mark McFarland will take us through the immediate aftermath of the council, and show us how the Council, and the “Spirit of Vatican II” meant an immediate overhaul, and deformation of everything in the Church.

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