Crisis Series #47: Am I Allowed to Attend an SSPX Mass?

Today we’re happy to have Fr. Michael Goldade, the Prior of St. Vincent de Paul’s Chapel in Kansas City Missouri, join us to answer a question that is on the mind of many who are new to the Traditional Catholic community: “is it ok for me to attend a Mass of the Society of Saint Pius X?”
There are many “experts” who claim one – or several – of the following:
1. You can’t fulfill your Sunday obligation at an SSPX chapel.
2 – You could fulfill your obligation, but it would be sinful to go.
3 – it’s not a sin to attend, but be careful, it promotes a schismatic mentality.
So in the conclusion of the Crisis in the Church Series’ study of the SSPX itself, we’ll answer those questions, and let you know why it’s actually…. Good to attend.

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