Interview: Fr. Onoda – Tradition and the History of Catholicism in Japan

We spoke with Fr. Thomas Onoda earlier in the Spring, just after the Society of Saint Pius X officially opened its first priory in Japan, after having served it for many years from other locations, like Singapore. The Stella Matutina Priory, overseen by Fr. Onoda, is a sign that slowly but surely, Tradition is taking root in Japan.

We spoke with Father for just over 30 minutes or so about his story, the sometimes violent history of Catholicism in Japan, and what he sees for the future of his country. He asked me just before interview if he could say a few words about the special history of Nagasaki in Japan – as an American, I was not going to bring up the horrific bombing of Japan during World War II during this interview – I didn’t know what the proper boundaries are in this case, but I’m so glad he wanted to bring it up. When you hear it, I think you’ll agree it led to one of the most inspiring moments throughout all our episodes on this podcast.

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