Crisis Series #49: Father, What Can I Do About the Crisis in the Church?

As we get to the end of this series, we’re left with two questions: How does all of this, the events and problems of the last 48 episodes, get resolved?  And second, what can I do about it?  We’ll tackle these questions out of order – first by answering the question, “Father, what can I do about the Crisis in the Church?” Is there anything I can do about the Crisis? Do I just hunker down in my home and say the rosary? Do I move my family to a traditional Catholic compound and ignore everything that’s happening? Or should I take a more active role, speaking out, and fighting for the rights of the Church? We invited Fr. David Sherry, the Canadian District Superior for the SSPX to join us and give us what we all need right now – some simple, practical advice for what a lay person should be doing right now.

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