This year, on the SSPX Podcast, and on the SSPX YouTube account, we’re doing a new introductory series on Catholic Apologetics. 

When you hear apologetics, you might think that it’s only about convincing non-Catholics that the Catholic Faith is worthy of belief. But it’s much more than that. A good study of Apologetics will deepen your own Faith as a Catholic. 

So this series will help you to be apostolic – to defend and promote the Faith. But along the way, we’ll show how faith and reason work hand in hand – and we’ll start at the very beginning with reason itself.

·       What is truth?  How do we know things?  Can anything be known for sure?  Once we establish that we know things, can we know there is a God?  Can we know that that we have a soul, and can we know for sure that it is immortal?  Once we know this, then we need to see if it’s rational that we practice a religion – any religion at all.  

Which then begs the questions: how do we practice it? Is there a right way, or a wrong way?  Next we’ll look at Sacred Scripture, the Old Testament, and we’ll investigate the person of Jesus Christ.  Was he God? Can reason alone tell us He was? And if he is God, how do we worship Him?  

Next we’ll need to look at what Christ left behind – His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church. How did he establish the Church? Is it still upholding what Christ told us to do? Is there a conflict between Scripture and the Catholic Church, as many claim?

Apologetics not only addresses what is true, it also helps see exactly where things can and have gone wrong:

·       Protestantism, Rationalism, Liberalism, etc. What happened?

·       The last 100 years of the Church – is their a unique crisis right now?

·       Then we’ll look at a few other religions – specifically, why are they wrong?

·       We’ll return to where we started – Faith and Reason, and why it’s a disaster for Catholics to pretend that reason is contrary to faith.

·       Finally, we’ll end with – Who can we trust in the Catholic Church? Where can we find the Catholic Faith today?

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