Objections To God: How To Be An Atheist (Part 1) – Apologetics #2

On today’s episode of the SSPX Podcast, we’ll continue our Apologetics Series with an episode we’re calling, “How to be an Atheist”. Fr. Paul Robinson, the Publisher of Angelus Press, and Prior of St. Isidore’s in Denver Colorado, will take on the two most common objections to the existence of God. First, we’ll look at the problem of evil – how can a good God allow or permit evil to exist? Second, we’ll look at the argument that basically, nature, and the world, is simply self-explanatory. There just doesn’t need to be a God, or even any purpose to existence, the argument goes. How should we answer this?

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Link to the Brian Davies book mentioned: https://www.amazon.com/Reality-God-Problem-Evil/dp/082649241X

Link to the article on the Big Bang Theory: https://therealistguide.com/big-bang-theory-reactions

Link to the Quora answer on the problem of evil: https://www.quora.com/If-God-is-in-control-and-causes-all-things-to-work-for-the-good-in-believers-how-do-things-like-the-Holocaust-happen/answer/Paul-Robinson-410

Link to Edward Feser’s article on the problem of evil: https://edwardfeser.blogspot.com/2017/05/davies-on-evil-suffered.html

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