Crisis in the Church Series

Crisis in the Church Series Recap: Episodes 1 – 11

This week on the Crisis in the Church series, we’re taking a break from our normal interviews for Christmas, but we wanted to do an episode recapping what we’ve talked about over the last three months. That way if you’ve missed an episode – or a few – you can get up to speed as we continue with our series next week. We’ve condensed the past 9 hours of episodes into about an hour, highlighting a few of the important points from each interview.

Crisis Series #11 with Fr. Robinson: How Pope St. Pius X Combatted Modernism

Today we’re joined by Fr. Paul Robinson, the Prior of Saint Isidore’s in Denver, Colorado. Last episode, we learned from Fr. Franks about the background of Modernism, and today, in our explanation of modernist thought, we’ll see how this modernist ideology twists the very nature of religion. We’ll take a look back at more recent history, and see how the Pachamama and Assisi scandals have their root in the exact same errors that Pope St. Pius X warned the Catholic Church about in his groundbreaking encyclical Pascendi.

Crisis Series #10 with Fr. Franks: Modernist Infiltration – The Beginnings

First, we’ll see how it sprang up in Protestant theology, then, how Modernism tried to give an entirely new interpretation of scripture and the Divinity of Our Lord, and finally, how these errors spread into the minds of some Catholic theologians in the late nineteenth century.

Crisis Series #9 with Fr. Sherry: What’s Wrong with the World?

We’ve finished our study of Liberalism – Before we start covering Modernism in detail, we wanted to take an episode to answer a listener’s question about the Crisis in the Church: “What’s wrong with the world? Is there a connection between the chaos in the post-Conciliar Church and the chaos that we are seeing in secular society?” We reached out to Fr. David Sherry, who is the District Superior of Canada for the SSPX. We’ll spend 40 minutes on the topic, and by the end, you’ll have an answer to solve nearly all the problems the world is facing!

Crisis Series #8 with Fr. Loop: Is American Exceptionalism Catholic?

This week, we’ll discuss the rapid growth of Catholic schools, parishes, hospitals, and orphanages, and what that had to do with American Exceptionalism. We’ll also see how Pope Leo XIII both was in awe of the American Catholic Church, and gave some grave warnings.

Crisis Series #7 with Fr. Loop: Why Americanism is a Heresy

We’re speaking with Fr. Jonathan Loop about Americanism, which is closely tied to our last set of episodes on Liberalism. We’ll start by looking at the history and challenges that faced the Catholic Church in the early years of our country. Also, we’ll ask why Americanism is actually an error, and whether or not an American can be both a patriot and a good Catholic.

Crisis Series #6 with Fr. Reuter: Liberal Catholics Don’t Exist

We’re speaking with Fr. Steven Reuter for the culmination on our study of Liberalism, by seeing how it’s completely impossible for a Catholic to be a Liberal, and a Liberal to be a Catholic. Yes, there are “Liberal Catholics” but can they truly say they are Catholics, in the full sense of the word?

Crisis Series #5 with Fr. Reuter: What is Liberalism?

This week, we’ll learn more about liberalism, through the eyes of one of the great pontiffs of the last two centuries, Pope Leo XIII, and his condemnation of Liberalism in his encyclical “Libertas”.

Crisis Series #4 with Fr. Reuter: Liberalism’s Errors

This week, we’re welcoming Fr. Steven Reuter, who is the Prior of St. Dennis in Calgary. He’ll be our guide for the next few episodes as we dive into the errors of Liberalism, which is something that has infected everyone living today, and even those living in the early twentieth century, including Archbishop Lefebvre.

Crisis Series #3 with Fr. Wiseman: Origins – Descartes and Kant

This week, we’ll continue with Father Alexander Wiseman, looking at the remote background of the Crisis in more detail, exploring the philosophies of Immanuel Kant, and René Descartes, as well as their errors. Father will discuss how these ideas from some centuries ago have not only influenced the church, but have laid the groundwork for nearly all of our thinking today.