Questions with Father

Questions with Fr. #16: End of Life Questions, and Why Holy “Ghost” not Holy Spirit?

Fr. Robinson tackles the big questions surrounding life and death: What are ordinary means & extraordinary means, who should make decisions for those who cannot, and should we honor “last wishes”? Also, why do traditional Catholics use “Holy Ghost” not “Holy Spirit”?

Questions with Fr. #15: The Scapular Promise, Our Lady’s Sadness, Spiritual Direction

This past December, Father Robinson answered listeners questions submitted via the site and our Facebook page regarding Marian practices and the process of picking a spiritual director

Questions with Father #14: Requirements for Priesthood, Celebrating New Mass, Devotions

Fr. John McFarland reviews the impediments and requirements for becoming a priest, as  well as answering listener questions in this episode

Questions with Father #13: Kabobs & Pastrami, Counting Prayers, & Obedience to Pastors

Fr. Robinson discusses: When are faithful obliged to obey their pastors? Is it ok to eat Halal food? Is counting prayers superstition, Jansenism, or good?

Questions with Father #12: Catholic Duties on Voting, Vocation Misconceptions, Modern Holy Days

Fr. John McFarland discusses when it is sinful not to vote and whether or not abortion trumps all other issues.  Also, Father is passionate about the topic of vocations, and addresses a commonly held misconception. Finally, a listener asks why Epiphany is no longer a Holy Day?

Questions with Father #11: Organ Donation & Communion in the Hand – What’s the Problem?

Listeners ask why Catholics pray to saints instead of just to God. Also, why has the Church historically had a problem with organ donation? And if there are such problems with the Novus Ordo Mass, why is Communion in the hand a big deal?

Questions with Father #10: Defending Latin Mass & What Are We Bound to Believe in Genesis?

During this episode, we ask Father how can we counter the argument: Popes throughout history have changed the Latin Mass – why can’t it be done now? As well, a curious dispute between Fr. Robinson and another Catholic organization…

Questions with Father 9: Is There Anything Good Since Vat. II? Why is the Rosary Repetitive, and Why Not Luminous Mysteries?

In this conversation with Fr. Paul Robinson, recorded on August 31, 2018, we talked about why we say the Rosary the way we do.  Isn’t it really repetitive? And why does the SSPX not support the addition of the Luminous Mysteries?  Also, we revisit two past questions in more detail: Has there been anything good to come from the last 50 years of the Church, and how would Father categorize recent pontificates using his “Episdetometer”?

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Questions with Father 8: Confessions in the Novus Ordo, Problems with Extreme Unction, Picking the Wrong Vocation

In a conversation with Fr. Paul Robinson, we discuss the importance of seeking out a priest for Confession when one is in danger of death, what one can do if they feel they have picked the wrong vocation, and the issues facing the sacraments in today’s Catholic Church, specifically Extreme Unction.

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Questions with Father 7: Morality of Tattoos, Fear of Confession, Father’s Reading List

In this episode, we speak with Fr. Frank Kurtz, who is stationed at Queen of Angels in Dickinson, TX, which suffered massive flooding last August. He Spoke with us about tattoos, the fear of Confession, and his suggestions for a good Catholic reading list: