SSPX Podcast

Questions with Father 1: The Realists Guide to Religion & Science, Mental Health

Episode 1 of “Questions with Father,” with Fr. Paul Robinson. Our first conversation has poor audio quality – future episodes have been improved! This episode discusses Father’s new book, as well as the priests’ role in helping those with addiction and mental health issues.

To Recreate Christendom in the Face of Persecution

On the Sunday after the Ascension, 2018, Fr. Louis Bochkoltz encourages faithful to abandon the world and embrace Our Lord, using the example of St. Monica.

The Ascension: Our Lord’s Power Manifest

Fr. McDonald discusses what a consolation it is that even Our Lord’s enemies will not take away from His might and power – Ascension Thursday, May 10, 2018

What Makes Faith Empty?

Fr. Steven McDonald takes the lessons from the Fifth Sunday after Easter and discusses the need for prayer and works, beyond our Faith – Recorded on May 6, 2018

Remembering Fr. Cooper – Consider and Prepare for Our Own Death

Fr. Francois Laisney remembers his friend, Fr. Daniel Cooper, and reminds the faithful to be mindful of mortality – May 6, 2018

The Wonder of Our Risen Lord Among the Apostles

Fr. Paul Robinson discusses the public life of Our Lord after His Resurrection – From Holy Cross Seminary, April 29, 2018

The Promise of the Paraclete Given to Us by Our Lord

Fr. Steven McDonald – April 29, 2018: A reflection of the message given by Our Lord between His Resurrection and Ascension

Good Shepherd Sunday: The Crisis of Vocations and How it Can be Solved

Fr. Kevin Robinson speaks on the vital importance of vocations, with sorrowful examples, solutions, and hope for the future of the priesthood – April 15, 2018, Phoenix, AZ

Dominica in Albis // The Three Apparitions of Our Lord to the Apostles

Fr. Jaime Pazat discusses the apparitions of Our Lord to the Apostles directly after the Resurrection, and gives historical insight into the Sunday known as Dominica in Albis