Interview: Dr. John Rao – Part 1

The state of the traditional Catholic movement, problems & solutions in modern education

The Greatest Schism in 1,000 Years? News and a Review of the Eastern Churches

We talk with the Assistant Editor of Angelus Press, Mr. Gabriel Sanchez about this shocking news from the East.  While it may be too early to call the Moscow Patriarchate’s move a formal schism, it is expected that the other self-governing Orthodox churches around the world will begin choosing sides soon enough, perhaps leading to an unraveling of Orthodoxy’s confederate-style governing model.

Interview: James Vogel – Angelus Press, Its History, and the Importance of Conference 2018

In this episode: we speak with the editor of Angelus Press, Mr. James Vogel about the upcoming Angelus Press Conference in Kansas City, Oct. 12-14, and its exciting topics, as well as the history of Angelus Press.

Dr. Brian McCall, Catholic Family News: Can A Catholic Serve in the Military?

Dr. McCall is now the editor of Catholic Family News following the death of Mr. John Vennari. We spoke with him on the topic of Just Wars.  For more information on this topic, visit and see the War Symposium CD Box Set.