Sacraments #13: What’s Wrong with the Sacrament of the Sick? w/ Fr. Reuter

Father Steven Reuter is back to compare and contrast the Traditional Rite and the New Rite now called, “the Sacrament of the Sick.” Last week, we suggested that this is not a sad sacrament, but a joyful one – however, we also tried to emphasize the seriousness of this moment for the soul, as they are entering their final earthly battle. We’ll take these concepts and look at the new rite of this sacrament. Is it really preparing our loved ones for this most critical moments before eternity? Is it focusing the prayers of priest on the soul’s eternal salvation, instead of just on physical well-being? And is the new rite valid? If it is valid, why are we saying that there’s still something wrong with the Sacrament of the Sick?

Fr. Reuter answers these questions and more over the next 50 minutes.

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