The Sacraments Series

What is the Difference Between the Traditional Sacraments and the New Rite of Sacraments?

Sacraments #12: Why Extreme Unction is a Joyful Sacrament w/ Fr. Reuter

While it can often seem that this sacrament is sad – and indeed, it is often given when a loved one is close to death – we’ll look at what this sacrament can give a soul as it is about to enter eternity. And we’ll see that instead of bringing sadness, it brings peace, and even joy to these final moments.

Sacraments #11: Concerns About the New Rite of Confirmation w/ Fr. Goldade

We’re going to approach this episode in two different ways – we’ll look at the teaching and the prayers surrounding the sacrament, then we’ll look at the specific characteristics of this sacrament, especially the matter and the form. Of all the New Sacraments, Confirmation is the one where there is most serious cause for concern.

Sacraments #10: How We Can Be Perfect Catholics in Confirmation w/ Fr. Goldade

In this first of two episodes on Confirmation, we’ll first take a step back and look at the Institution of the Sacrament, its history, and why its practiced differently in the Eastern Churches versus the Latin Church. We’ll also look briefly at the Gifts of the Holy Ghost, the Matter and Form of Confirmation, and why the Church talks about the Perfection of Catholic Virtues in this Sacrament more than the others.

Sacraments #9: The Gravely Insufficient New Mass w/ Fr. Paul Robinson

Father Paul Robinson will join us to look at each aspect of the New Mass, and how it constitutes a gravely insufficient way of adoring the Holy Trinity. We’ll be using clips from a couple Novus Ordo Masses to illustrate each section that Father is discussing – and to be as fair as possible, we will mainly be looking at a fairly reverent, common Novus Ordo Mass. It would be easy to find a New Mass with dancers, bands and light shows – but we’re trying to illustrate that at its core, the prayers and rubrics of the priest are a striking departure from Catholic theology.

Sacraments #8: The Traditional Latin Mass Explained w/ Fr. Paul Robinson

Father Paul Robinson will join us to explain in detail the Traditional Latin Mass. We’ll look at the themes of the Mass – what the Traditional Mass is emphasizing over and over, then go, step by step, through the Mass, with visuals and explanations of the prayers, the symbolism, and the ceremonies performed by the priests each day, in nearly every country of the world.

Sacraments #7: Are the Mass and the Eucharist the Same Thing? w/ Fr. Paul Robinson

Father Paul Robinson will join us to discuss Holy Eucharist. In this first of three episodes on the Blessed Sacrament, Father will explain to us the relationship between the Sacrifice of the Mass and the Holy Eucharist, then how the Eucharist is distinct from all the other sacraments, yet still intimately related to it. Next we’ll look at the importance of the Mass, and finally, we’ll see how the Faithful are meant to participate in the Mass – the Priest is performing the action, but there is an aspect of the priesthood that is shared with the Faithful – how are we supposed to participate in the Mass?

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Sacraments #6: Why No One Cares About Confession Anymore – With Fr. David Sherry

Today we’ll look at the new understanding of the Sacrament of Penance. To do that, we’re going to take a step back, and see how much of the hierarchy in the Church today sees sin differently, or at least there’s a different emphasis. Then we’ll see how that impacts the Sacrament of Penance. We’ll also take a moment to see how the rite has changed.

Sacraments #5: Why Do We Confess Our Sins to a Priest? With Fr. David Sherry

We’ll take a magnifying glass to Penance today. To do that, we’ll start by looking at the concept of sin itself. Then we’ll look at the penitent, and the priest. What is Father looking for when he asks us those questions in the Confessional? And why do we have to do a penance afterwards? Fr. Sherry will walk us through the traditional form of the Sacrament of Penance

Sacraments #4: Why the New Rite of Baptism is Deficient

Father Wiseman will join us again, this time to look at the New Rite of Baptism. While the sacrament in both the old and the new rites are valid, nearly every other aspect of the new Rite – all the sacramentals, blessings, prayers, and exorcisms, have either been removed or drastically changed. Why? And if these things have been removed or changed, what has replaced them?

Sacrament Series #3: The Traditional Rite of Baptism w/ Fr. Wiseman

Father Alexander Wiseman, professor at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary is joining us for the next two episodes, first to look at the Traditional Rite of Baptism. As you’ll see, it is so much more than simply pouring water, and saying a few words of the formula. The Church has filled the ritual with exorcisms, symbolism, and graces for the benefit of the new Christian being Baptized.