Sacraments #18: New Rite of Holy Orders: Is it Valid? “A Mania for Change…”

Welcome to Episode 18 in our Sacraments series, our last episode on the Sacrament of Holy Orders – and our final full episode in the Sacraments Series. Fr. John McFarland is back to look at the New Rite of Holy Orders. Like we have seen in other episodes on the sacraments, we’ll have two areas of focus: First, is the sacrament itself valid, in terms of matter, form, minister, and intent? Second, we’ll look at what has changed, in the ceremonies surrounding the matter and the form. Does this new rite of Holy Orders give the same emphasis, theology, and understanding of the sacrament as the Traditional Rite? If not, can we see what the effects are from these changes – both in the lives of the new priests and the lives of the faithful? We’ll dive into that next.

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