Apologetics Series

When you hear apologetics, you might think that it’s only about convincing non-Catholics that the Catholic Faith is worthy of belief. But it’s much more than that. A good study of Apologetics will deepen your own Faith as a Catholic.

What Does it Mean to be a Man, Man? – Apologetics #4

Fr. Albert will join us to look at man himself. We’ve spent the last three episodes looking at the existence God, now we need to know about us. We know that we exist – that part is easy. But what are we made for? What is our purpose? Or in more apologetical terms – what is the nature of man? This is going to influence all the rest of the episodes, so Fr. Albert will help us get a good foundation today.

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The Theory of Evolution: (Updated) Apologetics Series #3

Fr. Paul Robinson will look at the theory of evolution. Can a Catholic hold that evolution and creation are both consistent with each other? Can non-life turn into life? Can life turn into intelligent life? Is there room in the theory of evolution for God? We’ve already seen that God exists – so how did he bring about life on earth – are we able to know for sure?

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Objections To God: How To Be An Atheist (Part 1) – Apologetics #2

Fr. Paul Robinson, the Publisher of Angelus Press, and Prior of St. Isidore’s in Denver Colorado, will take on the two most common objections to the existence of God. First, we’ll look at the problem of evil – how can a good God allow or permit evil to exist? Second, we’ll look at the argument that basically, nature, and the world, is simply self-explanatory. There just doesn’t need to be a God, or even any purpose to existence, the argument goes. How should we answer this?

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Existence of God – Apologetics Series – Episode 1

Today we’ll start with the very basic question about whether or not God exists. Fr. Robinson will also give us a basic background on Apologetics:

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Intro: Apologetics – A New Series Coming Soon…

This year, on the SSPX Podcast, and on the SSPX YouTube account, we’re doing a new introductory series on Catholic Apologetics.

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