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What Does the SSPX Want after Pope Francis’ Traditionis Custodes? – Fr. Pagliarani, Superior General

This is a full transcript of the conference given in Paris by Don Davide Pagliarani, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, at the conclusion of the XVI Theological Congress of Courrier de Rome, in partnership with DICI, on January 15th, 2022.

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SSPX Superior Speaks about Tradition Today – Angelus Press Conference Talk 2021

Selections from the talk delivered at the Angelus Press Conference for Catholic Tradition, December 11, 2021. The title of the Superior General’s conference: “The Mission of the Society of Saint Pius X”

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The Danger Lurking Online: Fr. Sean Kilcawley

In this special episode, we present the full lecture of Fr. Sean Kilcawley that he recently gave at the Angelus Press Conference for Catholic Tradition: Defense of the Family, Fortifying Catholic Marriage. Note: this talk deals with the problems of pornography and issues of impurity, and is intended for an adult audience. Please listen with…

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