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Christ’s Miracles: Exaggerated Stories or Real? Is There Proof? – Apologetics #20

Fr. Ian Palko will join us again to look specifically at the Miracles that the New Testament says Our Lord performed.  Did he actually perform these, or are these just made up stories, passed from word of mouth, and finally collected in the New Testament as fodder for a new religion? How can we possibly prove these fantastic stories from nearly 2,000 years ago as being accurate? 


Why Do We Need a Pope? – Apologetics # 16

In this episode, Fr. MacGillivray will look at the concept of the papacy itself. We’ve already seen that Jesus set up the Catholic Church, but he left us with 12 Apostles, who would be the first bishops. Did he actually set up St. Peter as the most important of the Apostles? And what was the reason for putting one fallible, hot-headed, uneducated man at the head of His Divine Church?


Are We Meant to Belong to a Church, or Just Worship Jesus? – Apologetics #15

We’ve seen that Jesus is God, that He rose from the dead, and performed miracles, but what about after He went back to Heaven? Did He just leave us with His teachings, or did He expect us to do something else? Some would claim he wants us to belong to a visible, real, hierarchical Church, but didn’t He say that His kingdom was not of this world? So why belong to a church here on earth?


How We Know Jesus Rose From The Dead – Apologetics #14

We know that the New Testament is credible, but what about its most important event? Is it logical that a man died and then rose from the dead by his own power? Is there another way to interpret or explain what we read in the Scripture? Maybe the Apostles misunderstood it – or they exaggerated the story, or just made it up… But by the end, we’ll see that the simplest explanation is that it actually happened.


Is the New Testament Credible, or Just Stories? Apologetics #13

Fr. Franks will join us to examine whether we can believe what is written in the New Testament, or, like critics allege, whether it is just a collection of pious stories. Are the Gospels anonymous, or can we prove they were written by the Evangelists? And can we really show that over 2,000 years, they have not changed or been embellished at all? We’ll dive into that and more.


Are Miracles Real? Are They Logical? – Apologetics #11

What are miracles anyway? And isn’t it easier to just say that miracles are things that we don’t fully understand, and not the hand of God entering our life? That seems… not logical. And if miracles are real, then what is the point of them? How do we know that miracles are actually, miraculous? How do we know that things which are unexplained are actually miracles, and not just things we can’t explain? We’ll answer all these questions. 



Crisis Series #16 with Fr. Bourmaud: The New Theology & “Seeking the Mystery of Christ”