Apologetics Series

30+ Episodes Released throughout 2023 on Apologetics


The Final Thought: Why Should I Become Catholic? Apologetics #42

On the final episode of the Apologetics Series, we answer one last remaining question, “How do we know with certainty that we should join the Catholic Church?” Over the past 41 episodes we have shown that God exists, that His Word is true, that we can find Him, that Jesus is Him, and that the Church was given to us for our salvation. Yet we may still wonder if we should join an institution that has had corrupt leaders throughout history and today appears to be self-contradictory at points. Fr. David Sherry will join us for the final word.


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Is it Logical that Hell and Purgatory Would Exist?- Apologetics #31

On today’s episode of the SSPX Podcast, we continue the Apologetics Series by looking at what is commonly called, “The Last Four Things” – that is: heaven, hell, purgatory, and judgement. What happens after we die? Is it fitting that we will be judged by God? And is it compatible with our understanding of God that we could either spend an eternity in a paradise beyond our knowledge, or in a place of suffering that will never end? These topics and more will be addressed in this episode.


Do We Have a Choice in Our Own Salvation? – Apologetics #30

On today’s episode of the SSPX Podcast, we’ll continue our Apologetics Series by furthering our understanding on one of the more complex issues dividing various Christian denominations – Predestination. We know that God knows all things – so He knows whether we will achieve salvation. So, why does it matter whether we do anything for our own justification, if God already knows the outcome? Protestants will further say we can’t help with our own salvation since we are so damaged. What’s the answer?


How Do We Save Our Souls? Faith, Works, or Both? – Apologetics #29

On today’s episode of the SSPX Podcast, we’ll continue our Apologetics Series by looking at Justification – or how to get to Heaven. How are we justified? Did Christ do all the work through Redemption? Do we simply need to believe that His infinite merits are enough or do we need to do something more? The Catholic understanding of justification is one of the major dividing points between the Church and Protestantism, and so Fr. Loop is here to assist us in sorting out this critical but often misunderstood theological concept.


How Are We Supposed to Interpret Holy Scripture? – Apologetics #28

This episode of the SSPX Podcast continues the Apologetics Series by examining further one of the fonts of revelation: Sacred Scripture. Having previously discussed the truth of the Bible and its divine inspiration, the Podcast turns to a major point of contention between Catholics and other Christian denominations, namely the interpretation of Scripture and the role the Church plays in safeguarding and disseminating a correct understanding of these sacred texts.


Is the Catholic Church Anti-Science? Galileo Explained – Apologetics #26

There may not be another singular person who is a source of such controversy throughout the history of the Catholic Church. And, Galileo is the favorite tool that many use to claim that the Church is backwards, anti-science, anti-reason, and more. So what’s the story with Galileo? And why did the Catholic Church react the way she did when Galileo was making his amazing discoveries?


Corruption in the Church! Apologetics #25

Like last episode, when we faced some of the worst popes we’ve ever had, today, we’ll look at some of the worst instances of human corruption the Church has ever had. From illegitimate indulgences, to clerics throughout history helping their family members, and all sorts of other bad actors, we’ll try to understand how to balance the divine nature of the Church with her very human members.


Were the Inquisitions Bad? Apologetics #22

It all starts with the basic concept of how should the Church deal with heresies? What does a trial for a crime against truth look like – and what should it look like? Throughout history, were there abuses of this process by the Church or by the civil authorities? Or is it all completely exaggerated? There’s lots of info that Dr. Rao will help us uncover.




Crisis Series #16 with Fr. Bourmaud: The New Theology & “Seeking the Mystery of Christ”