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Is the New Testament Credible, or Just Stories? Apologetics #13

Fr. Franks will join us to examine whether we can believe what is written in the New Testament, or, like critics allege, whether it is just a collection of pious stories. Are the Gospels anonymous, or can we prove they were written by the Evangelists? And can we really show that over 2,000 years, they have not changed or been embellished at all? We’ll dive into that and more.


Are Miracles Real? Are They Logical? – Apologetics #11

What are miracles anyway? And isn’t it easier to just say that miracles are things that we don’t fully understand, and not the hand of God entering our life? That seems… not logical. And if miracles are real, then what is the point of them? How do we know that miracles are actually, miraculous? How do we know that things which are unexplained are actually miracles, and not just things we can’t explain? We’ll answer all these questions. 


How the Old Testament Foretold Christ’s Divinity – Apologetics #10

Let’s look at the many prophecies about Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. First, Fr. MacPherson will help us understand what a prophecy is, and how it’s different than a prediction.  Then we’ll see how throughout the Old Testament, these prophecies get clearer and clearer about who Our Lord would be – yet even still, there was a lot of confusion. Why didn’t people at the time understand who Our Lord was?


Can God Speak To Us? – Apologetics #6

Today, we’ll investigate the obvious next question – how do we know what to do for this religion? Can we figure it out all on our own? Do we need God to tell us? And is it even possible for God to speak to humans? It initially seems beyond credibility…


Why Worship God? – Apologetics #5

So Far this Podcast has attempted to show why Catholics consider it reasonable to hold that there is a God, and to hold that human beings are distinct from the other animals, having a rational soul. Now the question presents itself: Do human beings have any duties towards God? In other words – is some practice of Religion demanded of one who would live a Reasonable life?


What Does it Mean to be a Man, Man? – Apologetics #4

Fr. Albert will join us to look at man himself. We’ve spent the last three episodes looking at the existence God, now we need to know about us. We know that we exist – that part is easy. But what are we made for? What is our purpose? Or in more apologetical terms – what is the nature of man? This is going to influence all the rest of the episodes, so Fr. Albert will help us get a good foundation today.



Crisis Series #16 with Fr. Bourmaud: The New Theology & “Seeking the Mystery of Christ”